happy 9th anniversary, JUMP

everything started when i searched for arashi's video on youtube, then i saw HSJ's debut videos. i wasnt interested in them back then. then i watch lovely complex's anime and the live action, i realised that the song was one of the hs7's song. i got to knw more about them.
i started to look up for them, and i fall in love with yamada in 2008.

hsj wasnt my fav back then. arashi was my ichiban. but everything changed in 2012. i watched smart and more of yamada & yuuto 's dramas. i then changed to love yuuto more than yamada xD i keep on liking them until now. i followed up about them since then until now. i like all of them. buut hey, i ship yutoyama alot lol.

i'm so happy that i figured them out. i wont regret of liking them ad wasted my time on knowing them. they makes me happy form then until now.

thank you so much HSJ. i love you guys so much. please dont stop on making us laugh and happy by just watching you guys being ikemen dorks. congratulations on your 9th anniversary. please work hard form now on and dont give up on making us love you <3

- x nys.

back to reality :(
So the one week of eid's holiday is about to end :( i dont want to go back to reality!
laying on your own bed, watching tv, wifi, mom's cook, no need to think about waking up early... yep, home is the best place after all.

what did i do during my holiday? well, let me think.. first we celebrated eid. well, nothing special happened that day xD then, all of my sisters are at home for the whole week! its fun yet they like to order around so its quite frustrating..... oh and after that my family and I celebrated our nephew's first birthday and also aqiqah for our niece! it was on Malaysia's day which was on the 16th Sept. soooo many people came, we were so tired after that xD

oh yea, my final exam is around the corner! its like, 3 weeks left. this semester seems soooo short, i swear to god that im sooooooo not ready. however, i need to work hard ey? since i messed up last semester's result. please do pray for me so that i can do better for the finals! gambaremasu!

thats all for now, i'll write again when i got time ^^

-x nys

Its 0235am but i cant sleep! so i decided to write an entry since i havent write any xD so i'd like to inform you guys that i bought HSJ's DEAR.'s goods!

i received it a few days ago and im sooooooooooooooooo happy about it! it's my first time buying JE's merchandise since im not a high school student anymore so its easier for me to buy all these kind of stuffs xD

tada! so i bought these 2! the penlight was hard to get at first, the person who i ordered to said that it was finished and told me that i have to wait for at least a month to get it. i decided to wait til then and guess what? i did not regret for it! everything is soooooo cute i swear. i really wish to buy more goods but as you know that the currency for malaysia ringgit is pretty low now. :(

buying these kind of things makes me feel so happy even though i did not go to the concerts. im thankful to the person who i placed my order to, and if anyone knows any malaysian who took order for JE's merchandise please inform me! im a big fan of HSJ, and also other groups such as jwest, sz, arashi, kisumai, news, kat-tun etc :)

thats all for now! thank you fr reading!

- x nys

(no subject)

So here I am writing my very first entry here in LiveJournal! basically I made this account for some communities, its not like im going to write something since I'm not really good in writing :( but if I have something to write, I'll definitely write here!

Yoroshiku ne! (>.<)


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